Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shop til You Drop! What's In Your Cart?

I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News to talk about my latest products and  what fun exiting items I plan to purchase during the HUGE Teachers Pay Teachers Sitewide Sale!  My store will be on sale during August 4-5 so you can save up to 28% off on everything!

I've been working hard this summer on several new products. Since I wasn't sure exactly what grade I would be teaching this year,  I have worked on materials for several grade levels.

One was my Sixth Grade Conventions of Language Interactive Notebook!  This interactive notebook covers ALL of the Sixth Grade Conventions of Language Common Core Standards. Students will use interactive activities to master the skills. Of course, their completed notebook will serve as a FABULOUS study guide for the state standardized test as well at the end of the year.

Since Text Mapping is my new FAVORITE skill for digging deep into Non-Fiction Text, I also made a Text Mapping Interactive Notebook which will work great for grades 3-6!  This interactive notebook teaches 16 non-fiction text features, teaches students HOW to use Text Mapping and has an 8 page article on the Titanic for students to practice their text-mapping skills!  I can't wait to use this in the classroom!


Now, you may be wondering what I'm buying from other fabulous teachers during the Teachers Pay Teachers HUGE Sale!

Clip art, fonts and frames are  my favorites!  So here are a few items in my cart! As well as some great review skills for my little guys!

Fun Fall Letters by Primary Polkadots

ELA Daily Review by TEACHA2Z

       Clip Art Fall Season Kids by Cara Taylor!
GREAT social studies bundle from Elementary Lesson Plans

 So now that you  have had a peek in my cart, what is your cart??


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