Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reused Summer Fun!

Summer is here and I don't know who is more excited-the teachers or the students! My guess it that it is a toss up! Personally, I love summer and all that it entails, but just because you take the teacher out of the classroom, doesn't mean you can take the classroom out of the teacher. 

This past week I decided to get my pre-teen son off of the computer games and outside for a while, so I planned some night time fun with s'mores, water balloons and glow sticks! The idea for a water bottle glow stick ring toss is not mine (but I really wanted to share this awesome idea). I found it on here on  Design Dazzle's Blog. You MUST check this site out for some really cool ideas for glow sticks!

As you all know glow sticks don't last very long. After a day or so they lose their magic glow and look pretty boring. So what do most people do with the old glow sticks? Throw them away, of course. However, the teacher side of me (see? you can't take the classroom out of the teacher even in the midst of summer fun) had an "aha moment" for  a wonderful use for those used glow sticks.  Venn diagrams!

For our ring toss game, I used the long necklace size which came two to a pack at the Dollar Tree.

These are PERFECT for the water bottle ring toss AND for small personal VENN DIAGRAMS!  I would however use a dab of super glue to secure the ends in the connector. Also caution the students not to try to bend and break them or you will have a liquid mess. Yikes! Upper elementary students should be able to handle this without a problem.

Collect your used glow sticks, secure the ends in the connectors with super glue and Voila! You now have instant hands-on interactive Venn Diagrams for centers, desk tops, small groups etc.! AND you have helped the environment by reusing summer fun! You could also use these for a ring toss review game if you wanted to. :)

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